28 Aug

Are you worried about the contour of your waist? Would you like to define your abdomen? Does your belly fat not go away no matter how much sport you do? In this case, keep reading, because today we will tell you what abdominoplasty is.

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is surgery on the abdominal wall. During this operation, excess skin and fat are removed from the middle and lower abdomen. Likewise, the muscles in the area are repositioned and strengthened.

Abdominoplasty is not the same as liposuction. But both treatments can be combined.

Who is the ideal candidate to undergo a tummy tuck?

The ideal candidates for a tummy tuck in Nagpur are people who have a good figure but are self- conscious about excess skin and fat in the abdomen.

For example, this surgery is very useful to eliminate the sequelae of pregnancy. And it can also correct the loss of skin elasticity in older people.

Why is abdominoplasty performed?

To undergo this operation, no health reasons are required. It is carried out to significantly reduce the bulging and flaccid appearance of the abdomen. This allows for a flat stomach and a slimmer waist.

Abdominoplasty in Nagpur is also used to relieve rashes or skin infections that occur under flaps of skin.

What does abdominoplasty consist of?

You already know what abdominoplasty is, but… How is it done? You see, a tummy tuck begins with an incision that starts over the pubic hair area and ends towards the hips. Through this cut, the excess skin of the belly is removed, and the abdominal muscles are strengthened by plastic surgeon in Nagpur.

Where is the surgery performed?

Abdominoplasty is always done in an operating room, either in a clinic or a hospital, following strict asepsis guidelines. In other words, it is not an intervention that should be carried out in consultation.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Abdominoplasty usually involves general anesthesia. In some cases of mini-abdominoplasty or abdominal liposuction in Nagpur, local anesthesia and sedation may be applied.

Preparation for abdominoplasty

Days before the intervention, you will have to stop consuming medications that hinder the formation of blood clots. Likewise, the best plastic surgeon in Nagpur will recommend others and a time of fasting.

Care after the intervention

Abdominoplasty leaves a scar, the length of which will depend on the incision made depending on the severity of each case.In the days after surgery, you will feel some pain and discomfort, so your doctor will prescribe pain medication. In addition, you have to use a girdle for 2-3 weeks, as well as avoid sports or activities that can generate tension for about 4-6 weeks.

You will have to wait 2-4 weeks to return to work.

Types of Abdominoplasty

The specific treatment that will be carried out will be assessed by a plastic surgeon in Nagpur. Among the possible procedures for the abdominal wall, we find:

  • Mini-abdominoplasty without umbilical detachment: if you have a little excess skin and fat in the part below the navel. In this treatment, the navel is not modified.
  • Mini-abdominoplasty with umbilical detachment: as the previous procedure, but there is a moderate excess of skin over the umbilical region.
  • Abdominoplasty with vertical scar: if there is more skin than in the previous cases, the navel is separated from the skin, dried and the navel is removed again.
  • Fleur de Lys abdominoplasty: when there is too much skin left over.
  • Classic or standard abdominoplasty: the excess skin of the umbilical part is taken and joined with the groin and the pubis.
  • Abdominoplasty with lateral extensions: reduces excess skin on the sides of the belly.
  • Circumferential tummy tuck or contour tummy tuck: when someone loses a lot of weight in an exaggerated way and has excess skin everywhere.
  • Reverse or ascending abdominoplasty: the excess is located above the navel. It joins the breasts and increases their size.

What is the difference between abdominoplasty and liposuction?

In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are different treatments to change the appearance of the abdomen. Apart from abdominoplasty, there is liposuction:

  • Worked areas: liposuction is based on extracting fat from certain areas of the body. So, it is not only directed to the abdomen, like abdominoplasty, but it can be performed on the buttocks, hips, legs, etc.
  • Duration of the intervention: liposuction lasts between 1 and 4 hours. Abdominoplasty, between 2 and 4.
  • Abdominoplasty and liposuction scars: liposuction do not leave a scar, while abdominoplasty does leave a slight mark (although not very visible, thanks to its strategic location).

One option (in trend) is to combine both interventions. In this way, better and longer lasting results are achieved.

Liposuction is the second most popular cosmetic surgery after breast augmentation in Nagpur.

The results of the tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty provides spectacular results in patients with weak abdominal muscles and excess fat and skin. In almost all cases, the effects are permanent. Of course, the treatment must be accompanied by a balanced diet and regular exercise. They are the keys to how to maintain the figure after abdominoplasty.

If you are realistic with your expectations and are able to face a long postoperative period, abdominoplasty may be indicated for you.


Now you know what abdominoplasty is, what it consists of, who can perform it and what its types are. If you have any more questions about this treatment or you dare to undergo it, do not hesitate to contact best plastic surgeon in Nagpur

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